Mango Pudding

Michelle’s Story

Mango pudding is one of my favourite childhood desserts. My parents would take us out for dim sum with their friends every Sunday and there was one restaurant we went to which made the most amazing mango pudding. Every time I think back to those Sundays I remember eagerly waiting for the lazy susan to empty out so that I could get straight into my mango pudding!

No other mango puddings to this day have been able to replicate my childhood mango pudding. That is, until my Chinese mama decided she wanted to make that same mango pudding. After testing numerous recipes she found on the Internet and from her Chinese cookbooks without any success, she decided to make up her own mango pudding recipe and it’s perfect. It’s as easy as making jelly and tastes just the same as that mango pudding I had over a decade ago- the delicious taste of fresh mango and pulpy texture is just as I remembered and now I can make it anytime I have a craving.


Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
Refrigeration time: up to 3 hours
Serves: 4

1 medium sweet mango
1 packet of instant mango jelly (Aeroplane Jelly brand recommended)
250 ml hot water
4 tablespoons quality vanilla ice-cream (full cream recommended)
Fruit or condensed milk, to serve


1) Remove flesh from mango and place into a blender. Blend on low for 30 seconds.

2) In a 500 ml glass measuring jug, add the packet of mango jelly and 250 ml of hot water and stir well until the mixture dissolves completely.

3) Add 4 tablespoons of full cream vanilla ice-cream to the jelly mixture and stir the mixture until it melts.
Once the ice-cream has melted, add the mango & stir through.

4) Pour the mixture into four ramekins, if there are bubbles in the mixture give the ramekin a gentle tap on your kitchen bench.

5) Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate. It takes up to three hours to set depending on how cold your fridge is.

6) Serve the mango pudding on its own, with fruit or topped with condensed milk.

The ingredients quantity is based on making enough mango pudding for four servings. To make more just double or triple the ingredients above and follow the same steps. The mango pudding is set when it is no longer liquid and a bit springy.