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Thai food has permeated Australian cooking and eating like few others. Not only does there seem to be a Thai restaurant in every commercial stretch (and in some places, on every corner), and Thai pastes and ingredients commonplace in kitchens. Authentic Thai food is harder to find – in real Thai kitchens you’ll find the sweet and creamy characters restrained, and with and a better balance of spicy, sour and salty. Much of what we know of Thai food hails from Bangkok and central Thailand, including red and green curry dishes, fried fishcakes, and tom yum soup. Isan cooking from Northeast Thailand is similar to Lao cuisine in that it doesn’t use coconut milk or cream and is partial to sticky rice, while Northern cuisine is known for its chilli-paste-dipping nam phrik dishes and coiled Chang Mai sausages (sai ua), and the south for its spicy yellow curry and Muslim massaman curry.

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