20 Sep

Competition #5: Just Desserts

We’ve done soups, slow-cooking and Greek food, but at The Melting Pot we’ve noticed something – our side compartments are still empty. You know, that other stomach to the far right, where you can still fit that deconstructed hot fudge sundae with bacon, even after you’ve gorged on a butter and lard-filled 12-course degustation. Or miraculously fit that deep-fried ice cream after senselessly feasting on stupid amounts of yum cha.

In other words, we’re talking about dessert.

So from now until that mother-of-all-treat holidays, Halloween (31 October, that is), we’re going to be focusing on our sugar fixes. Got recipe for a killer Thai sweet  you wanna share? Lay it on us. Been making éclairs like nobody’s business? We likey. Or maybe you’ve perfected that vanilla slice, Indian sweet, chocolate brownie, Japanese mochi, lamington, Austrian custard doughnut or the like.

Be sweet to us with a recipe, and we’re going to be sweet back. We’re giving away 5 prize packs of Lindt chocolate for you to indulge yourself with. Each prize pack includes all four new Lindt flavours – Touch of Sea Salt, Coconut Intense, Strawberry Intense & Passionfruit Intense – plus a dose of dark chocolate so you can fine-hone your soufflé, ganache, choc brulée or other cocoa-driven passion.

So show us what you’ve got. Share your ultimate decadence here with your fellow home cooks. And while you’re at it, maybe give some of the other forthcoming, inspired dessert recipes a whirl.

Just think – the next two months are going to be sweet as.

From my kitchen to yours,

Michael Shafran
Author & Recipe Whisperer
The Melting Pot